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Since our birth, Click Profit has been focused on helping our clients meet and exceed their business goals, through digital marketing strategies and marketing integration. Our clients and their satisfaction is what matters most to us and we encourage everyone to reach them and ask about their experience working with Click Profit.

We design digital strategies that focus on results and we are measuring the effectiveness of our strategies right now, while you are reading this text. Our clients enjoy from our expertise in the fields of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Lead Generation, Landing Page Optimization, E-mail Marketing, Web Analytics and Social Media Advertising.

We also leverage our existing partnerships to give our clients access to web properties and databases in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil and Portugal.

With us, your online sales will go up because our blend of services is executed by a team of highly specialized individuals, we are working together to produce results for your brands, products or company.

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What can we do for your business?

E-Mail marketing

Thru our partnerships we hold databases with millions of contacts in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil and Portugal, which we use to make your e-mail marketing campaigns a success. More

lead generation

We are specialists in lead generation to bring you the most targeted, highest quality leads for your business, at an affordable price. More

social media advertising

Social Media is hot and we know how to take advantage of such hotness towards your business and your ROI. More

search engine marketing

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns deliver the ROI you want. Our team helps clients maximize their investment by creating accurate strategies that assure successful campaigns. More

landing page optimization

Relevant and well designed landing pages generate higher revenues. You know that, we know that, that's why we deliver outstanding measurable results to our clients by improving landing pages and testing them to exhaustion. More


search engine optimization

A comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is essential for long-term success of any website. We work to assure the maximization of your search engine exposure. More

web analytics

Monitoring analytics to improve your Web presence and enhance your brand is critical in any digital strategy. So why aren't you using web analytics properly today? More



Cases that build business

Click Profit defined and implemented the digital marketing strategy for the daily deals aggregator Today,, is the leader aggregator in Portugal.

ISLA University

Isla wanted to get more students. Click Profit designed a landing page and implemented an e-mail marketing strategy that generated more than 300 leads for Isla in less then a week.

Sage Software

Click Profit manages search engine marketing for Sage. Our keywording strategy and optimizations allow Sage to save on marketing budget every day.


We are proud of our clients

At Click Profit we do not have clients, we have partners that give us the opportunity to grow their businesses through our services and dedication.

We know that our business is built on the success of our clients. We understand that if we provide an outstanding product at an affordable price, and back it up with the best support available, our clients will benefit significantly and stay with us for a long time, creating a true partnerships between our companies.

We look at every new project as a chance to grow, to challenge ourselves, to give our clients more than they ask for, and to push the boundaries of digital marketing.

We hope to hear from you soon. Here is what they have to say about us:


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Rua Professor simOes raposo, nÂș18 - 4FT, 1600 Lisbon
Telephone: +351 218 031 951

More About Click Profit

Click Profit has 8 employees that together amount more than 40 years of digital marketing experience.

Our specialized team has academic background on business administration, marketing, IT development, multimedia engineering, social services and tourism. These variety of academic fields ensures that our discussions are lively and move forward to achieve the best for your company.

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E-mail Marketing Services

E-mail marketing continues to be one of the most powerful drivers of ROI for businesses today.

At Click Profit, we understand the power of e-mail to develop long-term relationships with customers that build brand loyalty, generate leads and drive your online sales up. Our e-mail campaigns leverage the industry best-practices and accumulate knowledge of more than 100 million e-mails sent, to deliver strong ROI for your campaigns.

We handle every step of the process - managing your list, acquiring traffic, creating strategic landing pages, developing customized promotions, designing and coding, email deployment, and comprehensive analytics.

Our dedication to deliverability ensures that your message reaches your customer's inbox and generates quantifiable revenue for your business since the first e-mail.

Lead Generation Experts

We provide location specific (Italy, France, Spain, Brazil and Portugal) lead generation services where clients can purchase leads on a cost per lead (CPL) and/or cost per action (CPA) basis.

At Click Profit, we believe targeted leads are an outsatnding way to increase your revenues and your company bottom-line. We do it for our selves and we will do it for your business.

We provide location specific (Italy, France, Spain, Brazil and Portugal) lead generation services where clients can purchase leads on a cost per lead (CPL) and/or cost per action (CPA) basis. Our international partnerships allows us to acquire quality traffic to generate the leads your business needs to improve sales and ROI.

Our lead generation network works for your business to thrive. Here is a list of the industries were we generate leads on a daily basis: Mortgage, Insurance, Automotive, Education, Cosmetics, Software, Telecoms, and much more...

Contact us now and let us help you grow your online sales today!

Social Media Advertising

Social Media is a critical component of an effective, integrated digital marketing strategy. Tapping into large networks like Facebook provides businesses with unprecedented opportunities to engage consumers and generate sales.

At Click Profit, we leverage the power of social media to connect with consumers and generate sales. We create and manage your advertising accounts, track and analyze campaign activity, and monitor your social media leads.

By advertising on Social Media properties we help brands enhance visibility, grow traffic, and generate ROI

Search Engine Marketing Services

We analyze and optimize all campaigns on a daily basis, and sometimes, on a nightly basis too.

We do it to assure your marketing budget is maximized on results. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, like PPC (Pay-Per-Click), allow brands to generate quick revenue, target specific consumers, and maximize ROI on an ongoing basis.

At Click Profit, we develop powerful paid search campaigns that generate sales and enhance brand visibility - all while delivering the best ROI possible. We create deep PPC strategies, perform extensive keyword research, develop a detailed competitor analysis, create compelling and engaging that will attract visitors and generate conversions for your business. We also track and measure the results of your campaign and deliver them on a custom made report that highlights true business decisions.

With us you will stand out over competitors.

Landing Page Optimization Services

Landing page optimization is a critical yet often overlooked strategy for growing businesses online. A successful landing page builds trust and encourages users to return, in turn driving sales, generating leads, and strengthening customer loyalty.

At Click Profit, we build landing pages that are compelling, intuitive, and tailored to the visitors intent. We also help you analyze your existing website and provide accurate feedback on what needs to be changed.

We use strong design and relevant copy to encourage visitors to engage and purchase. We then test extensively using multivariate or A/B testing to ensure optimal performance.

Finally we develop multi-channel marketing plans (e-mail marketing, PPC, SEO and Social Media) that bring targeted users to the page, increasing conversions and driving ROI.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Our company has been using proven strategies and innovative solutions for developing SEO solutions to hundreds of websites spread out in such areas as casual games, financial services, insurance companies, online petitions, daily deals aggregators, news websites, and much more. We work with our international clients to assure the maximization of their search engine exposure.

At Click Profit, we understand the importance of SEO and develop long-term strategies that address every component, including site architecture optimization, keyword-rich content, comprehensive link-building campaigns, and optimization of meta tags. We leverage both on-site and off-site strategies to optimize your website.

Whether you are launching a new site or looking to improve your current placement, we combine time-tested strategies with creative implementation to generate significant results for your business.

Web Analytics Services

Web analytics are an essential tool for measuring the success of your online business, conversions, sales and managing contacts. This comprehensive data provides valuable insights about visitors - who they are, where they came from, and how they interact with your content.

At Click Profit, we utilize enterprise-level analytics programs such as Google Analytics, to measure and monitor your web data on an ongoing basis. We create your analytics account, implement tracking code, set up specific goals, configure eCommerce tracking, and tag all marketing campaigns for future analysis.

We deliver monthly reports that contain detailed traffic and conversion data, as well as extensive information about sales and revenue. We use this data to provide specific, ROI-driven recommendations that will ensure your site continues to deliver optimal performance.

Marketing Director - "Click Profit services made us the leading daily deals aggregator in only 3 month. would not be the same without Click Profit"

SAGE - Business Software

Sara Machado (Marketing Director) - "Click Profit has been responsible for the SEM strategy and implementation for 3 years now. Their experience and dedication transforms keywords into business oportunities, on a daily basis."

Filipa Pereira (Digital Marketing Expert) - "Click Profit helped us optimize our website to generate sales and business leads for our software products."

ISLA Santarem

Marketing Director - "Click Profit solutions generated hundreds of valuable education leads to our University"